Are You A virtual assistant who’s struggling to come up with the right blog posts for your site?

Wish you could have content written for you – but hiring a content creator, copywriter or ghost blogger is just something your budget won’t stretch to?

Well, here’s your perfect solution, the… 


This is your chance to get your hands on a ready to use pack of 5 professionally written blog posts, designed specifically for Virtual Assistants…

and it’s cheaper than hiring a copywriter to write just ONE individual blog post!

This limited availability pack is perfect for new and experienced Virtual Assistants alike – and once 50 copies are sold, it will no longer be available to buy again!

It’s the perfect solution for all VAs – those looking to kick-start a new website, and those who want to keep an existing blog active and engaged.

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This pack has been created to cover five common topics all Virtual Assistants need to address on their site – & answer some of those questions potential clients often ask!

Inside this 5-Article Pack, you’ll find quality written blog posts, that are ready to use (although I would recommend you customise them slightly, before using – but don’t worry, you’ll get details on how you can quickly and easily do this in your download pack). These 5 blog posts cover the following topics:

  • 5 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Assistant  (650 words)
  • Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?  (561 words)
  • How Can a Virtual Assistant Help My Business?  (585 words)
  • How Much Does a Virtual Assistant Cost?  (547 words)
  • What is a Virtual Assistant & What Do They Do?  (665 words)

And as a bonus, you’ll also get two cheatsheets – one showing you how to personlise these articles, and the other showing you the most effective ways to use them!


Unlike cheap, mass produced, generic PLR articles, these articles are high quality blog posts, written by an experienced UK-based writer – a writer who’s been successfully ghostwriting blogs (& creating copy) for private clients since 2014.

So, why should you care? Well, you’re not only benefiting from all that experience, you’re also:

Getting your hands on content that is:

  • Priced competitively – works out at only £10 per post!
  • Written for the UK market.
  • Written to include essentials like meta description, keyword and tag suggestions.
  • Saved as Rich Text Format documents – to preserve the basic formatting within the document.
  • Has Limited licenses available – only 50 packs will be sold

Solving your biggest blogging-related problems, such as:

  • Wondering how you’ll afford to outsource your blog writing.
  • Having to rewrite badly written, mass produced generic PLR articles, that are only ‘fluff’ filler content.
  • Stressing what content and keywords to focus on.
  • Worrying about ideas that will serve your VA client needs.
  • Finding writing time – when you’d rather be filling your available client slots!


Click to buy 1 of the 50 available packs & get access to all five pre-written articles & bonus cheatsheets.

Hi There, I'm Sarah...

Hi There, I'm Sarah...

Copywriter & Content Creator

I’m the writer and creator of these Done-For-You articles. I’ve been freelancing as a ghost-blogger since 2014, but I’m also a trained Virtual Assistant myself. 
As a freelancer who works with Virtual Assistants, I know how frustrating it can be for you, to prioritise your own content marketing needs. You’re often so busy scheduling slots for your clients, your own business needs get pushed further down your to do list – and blogging is often one of the first things to get ignored!

That’s why I’ve created this pack of Done-For-You articles. It’s my way of providing a little more support to the Virtual Assistants of this world – you know, those people who spend so much time helping other businesses look good. Well, I’m here to help return the favour, by helping you use written content to get more active and visible online yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some of the most commonly asked questions, around the use of PLR/Done-For-You articles. Simply hit the little ‘+’ icon to find available answers.

What Exactly Are PLR Articles?

PLR or Private Label Rights articles that have been written by someone else, but sells them with a license that gives you permission to use them as your own content.  I prefer the term Done-For-You, as it sounds a lot nicer (and it’s easily understood!).

Why Are They So Cheap (I've Seen Your Pricing For Private Clients!)?

Then you’ll know that I’m being truthful, when I say that, at £50 for the pack, they’re definitely cheaper than hiring a professional copywriter (my fee for writing a one-off blog is £55).

They’re cheaper than my blogging package prices because I can write them once and sell them 50 times. It’s my way of helping out as many Virtual Assistants as I can – especially those who are on a tight budget and can’t otherwise afford to hire a professional copywriter.

Where Can I Use These Articles?

Once you receive the zipped file of articles, you’ll also see there’s a plain text file entitled ‘IMPORTANT – please read document usage rights here’. This lists everything you can and can’t do with these articles.

In a nutshell – you can use them on your blog and/or website, in your freebies and as part of a paid product/course. You can’t sell them to other people and you can’t share them as your own written content (unless you change at least 20% of the text).

To make it super-easy for you, I’ve also added two bonus cheatsheets – one showing you how to personalise these articles, and the other showing you examples of how to use them.

Are These Articles Ready For Me To Use?

Technically, yes! However, it is always better to slightly customise them to suit your website and clients. So when you get them, read through, just add a couple of bits to personalise them and take out bits that don’t apply – simple!

Aren't PLR Articles Something You Should Avoid?

Good PLR articles enable you to get content onto your website, with minimum time and fuss.  They’re designed with reader intent in mind, are niche specific and are sold with only limited licenses (50 or under).

What makes a good PLR article? One that has relevant keywords, a decent amount of quality content and offers value to your reader!

Bad PLR – sold in huge packs at a time, outdated content that can be years old, minimum word count (circa 250 words), badly written and sold for peanuts (like under £2 per post).

Is There a Right & Wrong Way To Use PLR Articles?

Great Question! Yes, there are right and wrong ways to use them.

The Wrong Way – uploading them straight to your site, without making any changes/tweaks. 

The Right Way – making a few tweaks and/or customising them for you.

Tip: They’re a great way to get content onto your website when you’re just starting out, as well as filling gaps in your current blogging schedule.

If you’re worried about committing to long-term blogging, why not take off the pressure to be so consistent – and blog once a month? you can then use PLR articles to keep up a weekly or fornightly consistency, without giving you loads of work to do!

Are These Really Limited To 50 - Or Will You Just Keep Selling Them?

Yes, they are limited to just 50 packs. Once those 50 have been sold – these specific blogs will NOT be sold again, in any way, shape or form.

Why? Because a) it saves every Virtual Assistant having exactly the same content on their site, and b) I said I’d limit them to 50 – so that’s what I will do! 

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Click to buy 1 of the 50 available packs & get access to all five pre-written articles & bonus cheatsheets.