A 5-session 1:1 virtual retreat for the service-based female entrepreneur who wants to finally nail their business stories, marketing messages & authentic marketing. 

Currently hiding your business from the world? Feeling stuck and frustrated with your lack of marketing and visibility?

Ready to bring out the passion you feel for your business & confidently turn it into authentic marketing messages that resonate with your ideal customer?

Without resorting to cheesy tactics, acting loud & brash, or selling your soul!

If you’re reading this, it means you are my type of person. You see, my Soul Stories For Business® Virtual Retreat isn’t for everyone. It can’t be. Not because I’m trying to make it sound exclusive, but simply because I only want to work with women who are heart-based, wanting to make a difference in their own unique way and are ready to overcome the confidence hurdles that are currently keeping them from sharing their magic with the world…

⭐ Women who have started their own business, but are ready to step up a little more.

⭐ Women who are ready to get consistent in their marketing and quietly own their own space online.

⭐ Women who have an inner passion for their business and are wanting to learn how to put that into their written content.

⭐  Women who have done some inner work, and are now ready to share their business story and own their uniqueness.

⭐  Women who are ready to step up and do what it takes, to up their income and grow their business.

Women like you.

Because you are my people…

⭐ People who are heart-based and authentic.

⭐  People who know they can make a difference.

⭐ People with kindness and compassion at their core.

⭐ People with real integrity.

⭐ People who are prepared to put in the work.

⭐ People who know business takes a combination of mindset and action to make it work.

⭐ People who aren’t afraid to be honest with themselves and others.

But as a heart-based entrepreneur, there’s probably a few ‘issues’ holding you back from marketing yourself confidently & authentically…


You don’t see yourself as an extrovert when it comes to marketing, so you think that could be an issue for your business & you can’t be ‘loud’, ‘brash’ & ‘out there’.


You have a passion inside you to grow your business & help others, but 

you’ve no idea how to translate that passion into your written content & marketing.


You’re frustrated with yourself, as you know you can make your business work for you – if you could just find that missing ‘key’ to content creation.

Well, Soul Stories For Business ®  Can Help With All Three! The thing is  authentic marketing  isn’t about having a huge list, a huge ego, creating a ton of copy & generally living on your social media channels.

It’s about connection.

Writing in a way that resonates.

A desire to be genuine and real.

To serve those clients that feel drawn to you & are ready to put in the work. 

Because here's the thing...

The world changed. Authenticity is one of those words that is banded around a lot and something a lot of business owners talk about, but can’t always deliver. There’s a lot of stories out there that talk about marketing & it’s often very masculine-based practices. Yet on the flip side, ‘heart-based’ marketing is often painted as very passive, with no clear action!

And if you’ve been trying to get clear on what you should do, it can get really confusing!

You may have been struggling with your conscience over your marketing for a while. Flipping between putting yourself out there & hiding away. 

⭐ You already know who your ideal client is – you just struggle to connect & engage with them*.

⭐ You have an inner passion for your business – you just want to confidently express that more.

⭐ You’re happy to be genuine & open – you’re just not sure how to do that in your written content.

⭐ You know what you’re selling – you just want to sell it authentically.

⭐ You want to write great engaging content – without the hassle of having to study copywriting.

*If you’re struggling to identify your Ideal Paying Client, I can give you an exercise to clarify this prior to our calls, as a little bonus!

You just keep flipping between visible & hiding, as you know there is a more aligned way to market yourself – but you just can’t quite find it…

There Is A Way You Can...

⭐ Grow your business.

⭐ Be confident & unlock your inner passion.

⭐ Reach more people & impact positively on them.

⭐ Make more sales & revenue.

⭐ Use a clear message to market yourself.

⭐ Feel ready to take your business up a notch & make it work for you.

I’d like to invite you to join my Soul Stories For Business® 5-Session 1:1 Virtual Retreat!

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:

With me, Sarah PJ White, Wordsmith & Business Storytelling Consultant to service-based female business owners who are ready to uncover the stories that matter in their business, so they can connect with their ideal clientsconfidently market themselves in an authentic & aligned way.

Sandra came away from the retreat buzzing with ideas & confidence

"Prior to the retreat, I was well and truly feeling stuck in my business, especially when it came to finding my voice and having the confidence to show up consistently online and all while trying to be authentic!

When I read the sales pages for the retreat I felt like Sarah had written them for me personally. It was an easy decision to sign up for her course. The calls were

 a really pleasant experience. I felt like I was chatting with a friend over coffee. 

Sarah helped uncover over 30 story ideas for me, all of which had come from me and were there in me all the time! She provided me with ideas and templates to use, to create different types of posts and content so as to be able to tell my stories online in a way that felt both comfortable for me and manageable too. We discussed an online strategy and I came away from the Retreat buzzing with ideas and felt that I had the tools to start being more visible online, but in a way that felt right for me. I felt confident that could find my own voice and place online.

It was a joy to chat with Sarah over the 5 sessions and I was quite sad when they were over. She has such a gentle approach to easing the information out of you and shared stories of her own too, to help demonstrate her approach. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is passionate about taking their business forward, but is struggling to find their own voice or is lacking the confidence to show up online consistently."

— Sandra Storoni, Paperweight PA

In Case We Haven’t Already Met…

You may want to know why I’m qualified to help you uncover those business stories that matter & help you with your marketing…

I have over 16 years experience running my own business.

⭐ As a copywriter & ghost blogger, I’ve been writing copy that connects & speaks from the heart for my clients for the last 8+ years.

I’m a published author (fiction & non-fiction!).

I’m a qualified life coach, alternative therapist & Virtual Assistant, so have a wealth of experience across the board.

I’m intuitive and empathic, so have a big heart, cry at TV adverts & people love to talk to me as they feel so connected to me! 

And then there’s my own experience of marketing & using stories within my business…

As an intuitively-led ambivert, I found it really difficult to put myself out there consistently. I couldn’t understand how everyone seemed to be focused on growing a big list and posting tons of pointless content.

It all seemed like a numbers game and not a people one.

I wanted to connect with others that really resonated with my content – not some random person who liked the latest viral video doing the rounds.

I wanted to write from my heart and soul, in a way that spoke to my clients at a heart and soul level.

I knew confidence was a big issue for me, so I did some inner work. I turned what I had learnt into a book and from the downloads, I saw how much people struggled with confidence.

Over time, I became known as a copywriter for other heart-based female online entrepreneurs. I hid in the shadows and wrote content for others for over ten years. And that taught me another valuable lesson others were craving authentic content and connection too.

And over that period I was intuitively led to write the authentic content they craved. And recently, I’ve been pulled to step out of the shadows and show others how to write authentic copy too. 

I’ll be honest, I struggled with that for a while! I argued with my guides, my mentor and my own fears. I was fearful about owning my story, my gifts and my talents. I didn’t know where I stood. I didn’t know how I wanted to show up and I didn’t know how to translate it into a program that I could take my clients through.

But I just knew I needed to.

And then it came to me. I realised I needed to own my own story, before I could help others own theirs. I hired a new mentor to help me become more consistent and to step up in my own business. With every small step I took, I started to embrace my new role.

My mission is to help my clients confidently step into their business dreams by crafting content that connects with their ideal clients and enables them to market themselves in an authentic and aligned way.

And I have been doing that ever since!

And that led me to create the Soul Story Sales® and 3S Framework®, so I can step up and live my mission, by helping you with yours. And during that process, Soul Stories For Business® was born.

So Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside the Soul Stories For Business® 1:1 Virtual Retreat…

The Soul Stories For Business ®  1:1 Virtual Retreat Is a 5-Session Program That Will Enable You To Uncover Those Stories That Matter In Your Business, So You Can Create Marketing Messages That Connect & Market Yourself In An Authentic & Aligned way.

What You Get Inside   Soul Stories For Business®  1:1 VIP Virtual Retreat…  

The Soul Stories For Business® 1:1 Virtual Retreat helps you to take the passion you already have inside you for your business & confidently turn it into great written content that connects with your ideal customer. 

It works like this:

I’ll work with you on a one-to-one basis via Zoom where we’ll go on a journey together to find your unique soul stories.

We will have a total of 5 x Zoom sessions together, held on a weekly or fortnightly basis*, to give you time to work between sessions. 

*If you’d like a more intensive experience, you can book the calls closer together, if you prefer!

*If you’d like a more intensive experience, you can book the calls closer together, if you prefer!

⭐Together we’ll create your unique soul story vault full of the stories that matter to you & your business.

⭐You’ll have the scripts & templates you need, to help make authentic marketing simple & easy for you.

⭐Using my 3S Framework® I will help you create a marketing roadmap that suits you, using the three areas of my framework – Soul > Story > Sales.

⭐You’ll have an easy way to create engaging content that speaks to your clients but has YOU at its core.

The 5 x Zoom one-to-one sessions we will have together will cover the following…

*If you’d like a more intensive experience, you can book the calls closer together, if you prefer!

Together we’ll create your unique soul story vault full of the stories that matter to you & your business.

You’ll have the scripts & templates you need, to help make authentic marketing simple & easy for you.

Using my 3S Framework® I will help you create a marketing roadmap that suits you, using the three areas of my framework – Soul > Story > Sales.

You’ll have an easy way to create engaging content that speaks to your clients but has YOU at its core.

The 5 x Zoom one-to-one sessions we will have together will cover the following…

What My Clients Say...

"Before taking Sarah’s Soul Stories For Business® retreat I found it very hard to get my ideas & what I wanted to write about onto paper. Sarah helped cut through all the doubt, helping me take my life experiences & giving me back over 50 stories that I could use & the confidence to use them. It felt like having a friendly chat.

I would thoroughly recommend Sarah to others, especially if they are stuck on what to write about & how to put more of themselves into their business marketing & connect with their ideal audience in a way that works & feels right for them. That for me what the most important part."

— Sarah Beckwith, Breakthrough & Shine

I was hesitant & unsure of how to express & promote myself on a bigger stage & needed help with planning & getting me ‘unstuck’.

Sarah helped me uncover stories I didn’t even think were stories, but she showed me how they were relevant to my business journey.

She has a way of weaving words that makes your life experiences sound like something you want to hear more about. I’m really looking forward to sharing my stories now & I’m sure this will further help increase my visibility online & ultimately grow my business.

— Rachel Louise John, Soul BEing

…Your stories are the most powerful way that you can communicate with your clients & prospective clients, & Sarah knows exactly how you can use them to get real engagement time & again…

I highly recommend working with Sarah so that you have authentic, heart-centred stories & a structure to use them that will help you & your business grow.”

— Yvette Lamidey, The Business Locksmith


Finding Out About Your Business & Your Clients

This 90-minute session is a talking session for you! It gives me the opportunity to hear all about your business, your clients, & find out about you & your future plans. You talk and I’ll listen (& take lots of notes!).


Understanding What You Bring To The Table & Why Others Love You

This is another 90-minute session – but this time, we’re looking to give you a little confidence boost. We’ll look at what you bring to the table, what makes you special & why your clients & friends love you.


Story Mapping Part 1 – Finding The Stories In Your Business

During this 60-minute learning session, we’ll look at all the unique stories you have to share, as well as why stories matter so much in business & the different type of stories you can share with your audience.


Story Mapping Part 2 – How To Use Stories In Your Business

During this 60-minute learning session, we’ll look at how to know which stories to share & a framework you can use to ensure they’re always useful for your business & your clients. There’ll be starters & templates to help too!


Marketing With Your Stories & The Posts You Need

Our final 60-session together will be spent getting clear on the platforms you use, the different posts you need & a simple repeatable strategy you can follow, to plan out the week’s content (& every week ahead!)

These powerful sessions will ensure you have no more overwhelm around content creation, no more wondering how to write in a way that connects with your audience, and no more lacking in confidence and generally getting frustrated as you can’t seem to make your business or marketing work for you.

Imagine how it will feel at the end of our 5 sessions together. You will have the clarity, confidence and marketing plan you need, to finally stop hiding your business away from the world.

Are you ready to let that passion you have for your business, out?

If this is calling you. If those words up there are resonating with you or creating goosebumps – you know this VIP retreat is for you.

Because The Time Is Now...

There are authentic business owners out there who have been hiding for so long, they’ve lost the passion for their business. There are people out there who have been trying to connect with their audience for so long, they’re at the stage where they’re ready to throw in the towel and go get a J.O.B to help make ends meet. And there are people out there who are tired of spending all the money looking for solutions– and ending up with just a load of empty promises.

Time is short, and for many heart-based, authentic businesses, it feels like it’s running out. But your clients need you right now & if you’re hiding you’re not helping!

There are people hitting the online scene that are using ruthless and inauthentic tactics to grow their business and jade the same people you want to help. There are people who are making a fortune, selling things that don’t even compare to the value you deliver your clients. And there are people out there, who are missing out on the help you can give, because you’re not putting yourself out there.

The online world is getting really competitive and seedy; it’s time to shine some magic and light on it again…

⭐ Because you can be the one they learn from.

⭐ Because you can be the one who makes the difference.


⭐ Because you can be the one that thrives through all this.


⭐ Because you can be the person who genuinely helps to serve and guide your people. 

And this is what Soul Stories For Business® is going to help you do. 

To help you confidently step forward, with a clear message and an open heart. To strip away those inauthentic marketing tactics that stick to you and dull your light, and helps you focus on what is important to you, your clients and your business, and to help you own and share the stories that matter, that resonate and that WILL make a difference to your clients. To help you market yourself in a way that is pure, true and heartfelt – and as a result, will help you earn more money, grow your business and help even more people.

Still on the fence about it?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you buy/enroll/join us and you’re not satisfied here is what we’ll offer you...

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Will this teach me how to write copy?

Soul Stories For Business® Retreat isn’t the place to learn all about copywriting, it isn’t about learning to love your business and getting help with who your ideal customer is. You already love your business, you already know who your ideal customer is and you really don’t have the time, inclination or need to get a copywriting diploma, in order to connect with them. You just want to take the passion you already have inside you and confidently turn it into great written content that connects with your ideal customer.

Am I too advanced/established for this?

That depends. If you are already engaging well with your ideal clients & are comfortable with marketing yourself & are making the sales you need & want, then yes – you’re too advanced for this. 

If however, you’ve been in business for a while, but are struggling to connect & engage with your ideal client & put YOU into your business – then no, you’re not too advanced & you’ll definitely find this Retreat of value to your business!

Can I Opt for a faster or slower pace?

I’d recommend calls on a weekly basis. This keeps momentum going and increases commitment to doing the work. If however, you need to work at a slower pace, you can make them fortnightly – any slower than this and you may negatively impact momentum and implementation.

If you’re eager to get going and want a more intensive experience – I’ve got you covered! Just book calls closer together, remembering to give yourself time to do any work between calls. I've had some clients complete it in as little as a week!

I'm new to business, is this right for me?

If you know who your ideal client is & what you’re going to sell, then yes – this is right for you! You’ll learn how to use your personal & business stories to connect & engage with your ideal clients, consistently & authentically.

Is there a timeframe to complete it?

Yes – the Zoom sessions will need to be booked on a weekly or fortnightly basis. All five Zoom sessions will need to be taken within 3 months of initial payment.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer the statutory 14 Day Refund Period for those who change their mind. However, if you’ve attended any Zoom call, or any workbook or document is downloaded from your student portal, the refund is no longer available.

How do I know if I'm a good fit?

If you already have a passion for your business, already know who your ideal customer is & know what you’re looking to sell – but want to learn how to stay consistent with your content, engage with your ideal client & put more of YOU into your business – then you’re a good fit!

Can you write my content for me?

During our sessions together, there will be homework and I’ll help you create some sample posts.

However, if you’re looking for me to create & manage your content for you, it’s outside the scope of this program – but is something I offer as an additional service. Just reach out & I’ll send you details & prices for those additional services.

How is this different to the self-study and monthly membership options?

Good question! This program is the only 1:1 option available, where we work solely on a 1:1 basis. The self study option covers the same content, but with all 1:1 elements removed - you're working through the content on your own. When the monthly membership opens, it will cover all aspects of content and marketing, and there will also be opportunities for individual feedback and advice on your content, but only in the group or through the hot seat spaces.

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