Writing Services & Packages Offered by Sarah PJ White

If you’re a VA who’s looking for someone to take on the writing related tasks in your business – I can help!

I ghost-write engaging, imaginative and educational written content for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best. By working with only a small number of private clients, I can offer those clients the best of my creativity, along with the extensive knowledge I have accumulated in those niche areas – meaning top quality, relevant and engaging content, that helps to build on the relationship between you and your target audience.

The beauty of ghost-writing is you get regular content on your website under your name, enabling you to build on your expertise without any hassle – whilst I become your best-kept secret and a valuable asset to your business!

Writing content & services offered by author Sarah PJ White

Done For You Blogging Services

Designed to provide you with quality content AND save you masses of time and energy! Here’s your chance to get unique blog content on a recurring monthly basis – along with associated social media graphics & posts, if you wish! Packages start from £97 per month.

Done For You Mailing List Services

If you’re looking to make the most of your website visitors, you need to start building better connections with them! This is where your mailing list & my packages come in. Get carefully crafted automated email sequences & lead magnets, with prices starting at £100.