A wonderful book. This book contains many tips and useful information. It was very easy to read. I have found it to be very helpful and would definitely recommend this book to others.


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An easy-to-read starter for women wanting to build their self-confidence. Combines common sense and some NLP concepts to produce a straightforward approach to this common challenge. If you want to start to get to grips with your self-confidence issues, then this book is your first step.

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At last – a concise, no-nonsense and pragmatic resource showing how women can improve their confidence and raise their self-esteem.


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Extract of The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Bible by Sarah PJ White

 Why This Book Has Been Written

As women we spend our lives frequently doing what others want us to do, often out of a sense of duty. We often feel unhappy without necessarily knowing why we are so unhappy with ‘our lot’.  Out of the two sexes, women in particular, spend their time being who they feel they ‘should be’, acting how they think they ‘should act’, and making sure everyone around them is happy – regardless of how they feel inside.

We are brilliant at tending to others. As children we are bought up to help our parents and siblings. We get older and start relationships, based on keeping the other person happy then we have children and devote our lives to ensuring they are happy, healthy and are living to their potential.

We look after those around us, catering for their emotional and physical needs. We keep the house and garden tidy, make sure everyone is fed and watered – often including the household pets too! We employ our time-management skills to ensure everybody is where they should be, when then should be – and will quite often drop what we’re doing to be the household taxi driver too.

We nurse our partners and children (and often – our parents) when they are sick or injured. We cater to their emotional needs too – offering a shoulder to cry on for our family and friends, comforting words of support or sympathy when needed. We fight battles for our nearest and dearest and one of our chief aims is to ensure everyone is healthy, happy, safe and loved.

We run around doing all this without a second thought for ourselves. Yet, in our rare quiet times, we are yearning for a bit of peace and quiet; just wishing that occasionally the roundabout will stop so we can catch our breath and remember what we want – who we want to be and what we want to do. We long to feel supported and loved – you see, we already feel needed, but sometimes, the fact that so many people want a piece of us, can be quite suffocating.  We feel we want to be needed for who we are – not what we do.

We get so caught up with rushing around for others – we can sometimes lose sight of ourselves. We feel unhappy and sad; heavy and deflated. We can sometimes feel like a non-person; we don’t exist for, or as ourselves. In our busy lives we easily sweep our true feelings and dreams under the carpet, causing our energy to dim, our dreams and wishes diminish and our heart gets heavy.

Regardless of where you are right now, I can help you feel happier with your life and, more importantly, happy with yourself. I can help you feel like each day is a shining opportunity for you to be who you want to be, where you wake up full of energy and confidence. A time when you can look in the mirror and see an amazing woman staring back at you with love and pride reflected in her eyes. I can gently guide you forward, towards a time when you are loved and appreciated by those around you; where you feel loved and supported – by your friends, family and yourself –even if you don’t believe it is possible at the moment.

I would love for you to experience a life of happiness, confidence and opportunity. Where each day is greeted as a bright new opportunity; full of potential – rather than waking with a feeling of dread. I hope you find the inspiration that you crave and the inspiration to start your journey, right here and right now.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I am a qualified life coach, author, freelance writer and above all else – a wife and mother! I have suffered from low self esteem and confidence and know how it can impact on your life. I know how unhappy, lonely and disconnected it can make you feel. I know what it’s like to cry yourself to sleep at night, thinking you are unloved, unwanted and hating yourself for it. I’ve seen first-hand the impact it has on your relationships – both on the good ones and bad ones. I’ve been on the receiving end of verbal and sexual abuse and had my esteem and confidence at an almost non-existent level – and I’ve come out the other side as a better person.

I’m now married to a wonderful man, have my own teenage daughter, step-daughters and an extended family. I’ve seen both sides of the coin – raising a child on your own and integrating with another family. I’ve seen how having the love and support of yourself and others can raise you to new heights and propel you forward.

I’m not here to tell you how ‘perfect’ my life is; nor am I going to tell you my confidence and esteem levels never dip down – because that would be untrue and make me a liar. What I am here to tell you is working on your self confidence and esteem is always going to be a work in progress – a lifelong commitment. What makes it easier however, is knowing that your ‘work in progress’ is a lot easier and quicker to deal with when you know what you’re dealing with and where you are headed. I can tell you that it gets easier to spot (and deal with) issues before they become problems and the ‘ups’ will become far more frequent and outweigh the ‘downs’ (that will lessen and be less significant).

My ambition is to help empower women and enable them to be happy in their own skin, full of self confidence and with a healthy esteem for themselves. I focus my work on helping wives, mothers and women in general, get the very best they can out of their lives in a creative, gentle and inspiring way.

This book is an introduction for you to use, a resource to begin your journey into better self confidence and self esteem. It more than just another book – it is a complete course on building your self confidence and self esteem.

Who Is this Book For?

Any person can use this book as a resource for building their confidence and esteem, however it has been predominantly written to relate to women who class themselves as one or more of the following:

  • A wife or partner
  • Mother
  • Feels stressed and uptight
  • Unhappy with life and the life they are currently living
  • Feels unsupported, lonely and isolated
  • Frustrated
  • Unsure of who they are
  • Aware they are repeating negative patterns in their life but unsure why
  • Unhappy with themselves as a person (appearance and/or attitude)
  • Feels like they are living the wrong life
  • Feels like they have missed their chance in life

How to Use This Book

This book has been written to give you the first steps in improving and keeping your self confidence and self esteem. You are about to start an incredible, inspiring, life changing journey, so I wanted you to have a single port of reference to make those first steps easier for you.

Within these pages you will find some of the most commonly asked questions people have about confidence and self esteem. Knowing the answer – and having a solution (or action plan) to make the answers relate to you, in your individual circumstances – is the key to helping you move forward. It is full of inspiring quotes to keep you in a positive mindset as well as practical exercises and tips to help you start building and boosting your confidence and esteem.

What Does This Mean For You?

I am giving you the opportunity to take my hand and let me lead you through those first steps to better self confidence and esteem. Taking those first steps will enable you to:

  • Feel guided and supported
  • Let go of those feelings of frustration
  • Overcome feelings of hopelessness, loneliness and isolation
  • Take steps to reconnect with you – reconnect with your goals and dreams
  • Be inspired towards living the life you were meant to live

What This Book Covers:

You know you want to move forward; develop your self esteem to a healthier level and boost your confidence, but you probably have lots of questions. Sometimes you may feel that the answers are obvious – but knowing and acting on what you know are two different things.

This book is divided into five sections, with inspiring quotes (to keep you motivated and in a positive frame of mind) sprinkled throughout. The information within the pages of this Book is divided up as follows:

Section 1:

This section will cover 10 commonly asked questions about self confidence and self esteem, along with corresponding answers to those questions

Section 2:

Is all about assessing your current position and circumstances, along with how you feel about it. You cannot move forward until you understand your starting position, so in this section we learn about our core beliefs, self talk and inner speech patterns along with the stress and fears you currently have. We look at emotions and how we link all these areas together.

Section 3:

Now you have assessed your current position we will look at building a personalised plan of action steps that can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Section 4:

Section 4 is all about giving you an insight into those extra tools you can utilise to help you move forward, as well as keeping you where you want to be. We cover affirmations, visualisation and vision boards, along with positive quotes and using gratitude to keep your focus on the good in your life.

Section 5:

This section is all about further resources, including links to the templates (for use with this book), details for contacting the author and further help available to you through our online courses

Working on your self confidence and self esteem is a rather in depth theme, covering a wide range of topics, some of which I can only hope to touch the surface of with this Book. It touches upon the subjects of goal setting and motivation, however to get a more in-depth look at these subjects you would need to look into dedicated courses and books to really cover them in any great detail.

What I hope you will get from this Book, is an insight into these areas, enabling you to narrow down those that do need your attention; allowing you to either look at them in greater detail with a dedicated course, or to examine all those areas a bit more, with a self confidence and self esteem course.

The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Bible
197 page non-fiction book, available in both paperback and electronic formats, from the following outlets:

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