Your Guide To Writing Blog Posts

Are you a small business owners who wants to use blogging as part of your overall business marketing strategy – but find yourself struggling to know where to start?

Do you struggle to understand exactly what you need to do, to consistently get your blog posts out there & benefiting your business?

Do you wish there was a simple & easy, step-by-step guide to help you get past the overwhelm of blogging for your business? 

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Simple Guide To Writing Blog Posts:

Your Guide To Writing Blog Posts is a short, simple guide to get you started on your blog post creation. It’s strength is in this simplicity; it just gives you what you need to get writing – no more, no less. You’re a small business owner, not a full-time blogger – you don’t need (or want!) to deep dive into every nuance of blogging – you just want the important bits, so you can get those blogs written & get back to what you do best – so the Simple Guide To Writing Blog Posts gives you:

✅ a Simple Blogging Checklist – that takes you through the essential prep work, followed by the steps needed to write & edit your blog posts. This covers the essential SEO-related content you must include in every blog post.

✅ The Blog Post Cheat Sheet – a simple one-pager that summarises everything a blog post needs to have – & in what order they need to be done in, if you want to write blog posts quickly & efficiently.

✅ 10 day mini blogging course – sent direct to your email inbox, this 10-day email course covers all of the essentials – along with more tips & advice to help you get the most out of blogging for your small business.