Helping you put heart and soul back into your content & your business.



A Content Storytelling & Heart-Centred Business Consultant for midlife, service-based female entrepreneurs who want to put heart & soul back into their content & business, so they can confidently attract their ideal clients, market themselves in an authentic & aligned way & take their business from 'barely there' to aligned, confident & thriving

A brief rundown on me - I'm an established copywriter, qualified life coach and published author. My book 'The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Bible' has helped thousands of busy wives & mothers reclaim their confidence, whilst my fiction novel 'The Last Angel' has entertained many a fantasy/alternative fiction reader. [You can find more info on my books, here.]

I'm also a creative ambivert, qualified Life Coach, midlife entrepreneur & a mother. I live in Cornwall with my adult daughter and a nutty, sensitive rescue Belgian Shepherd dog, Danny.



I see you, I hear you & I feel you. I know how much courage it takes to run your own business. I know how much faith it takes to speak from your heart – & I know how much of a positive impact your business can have on the world.

You have the potential inside of you to have a bigger positive impact on yourself, your family, the lives of your clients, & even the world. By helping you to write authentically from your heart – whether it’s in your social media content, blog posts, or on your website – I’m helping you step into your potential so you can help positively impact yourself & your life, as well as every client that works with you.

My unique mix of business knowledge, experience, coaching, writing skills & intuition all combines nicely together to give me the right skills to help midlife female entrepreneurs like you. Because I don’t just focus on content creation & business growth. I focus on connection, authenticity & building relationships – it’s not just content for content’s sake, or business strategies that just hit targets. I use my unique 3S Framework to help clients like you find their uniqueness & put it all into their content and their business in a way that feels authentic, aligned, & good - without it negatively impacting on your values, beliefs, lifestyle or health.

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I do what I do because I want to create a real impact on other women who are trying to create a business that works in a heart-centred way. I want them to see how unique & special they are & to know they have all the skills, talent & determination to change their story, create the lifestyle they need, & have a successful, profitable business.

I’m proud of how I care about all my clients & encourage them to infuse honesty & vulnerability into their content, form better connections & put more of themselves into their business. I love how I can pull out all the stories in their life & show them how to use them to better connect with their ideal clients.

And I get the most enjoyment out of seeing how excited & positive a client gets, over everything they uncover & create – when they have their confidence & passion boosted, when they see their potential, when they realise the unlimited ideas they have at their disposal, when they're happy with their results - & when they realise they're creating & running a business that's aligned with their goals & enabling them to have their own unique version of business & lifestyle success.


These are the values I hold dear to me. They’re what I stand for and what drives me forward in business. I put these values at the centre of everything I do – and I look to only work with clients (and partner/do business with those), who hold these same values close to their business heart too.


I believe we all have awesomeness inside us. When you lean into your authenticity, you shine that bit brighter, because being authentic feels amazing & liberating! I get so much joy from helping people shine brighter & understand how to be authentic & heart-based in business.

That’s why I help people just like you, to connect in with what makes you special & unique,
& express that in your content. How? By getting clear on the stories & experiences from your own life and using them openly & honestly, to share more of ‘you’ with your ideal audience.

Simplicity & Ease

I know running a business can be difficult, but your business content shouldn’t add to that. You don’t want soul-less content – you deserve to have content that is simple to create & easy to understand.

It’s why I value simplicity & ease – & it’s why I infuse this through every Soul Story Sales® course or program I create. I make sure to only give you the advice, strategies & templates you need, so you can skip overwhelm & get on with confidently sharing your knowledge, giving value & building better connections with your ideal clients.


When you know who you are & how to show up in your business, your confidence soars. You know what to talk about & how to open up – you can put your heart & soul back into your business & your content – & I’m driven to help you achieve that.

Because I believe that the stories you use ARE the key to making that happen. They help empower you to shine brighter, own your expertise, form better & deeper connections with your clients, be more authentic in your business & ultimately, get the engagement, leads & sales you deserve.

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