For the small business owner who’s struggling to find the time to write blogs, there are a couple of options out there to solve the problem. One of the best options is to hire a copywriter to write unique blogs for your site. However, what about the small business owner who’s short of time and money? 

PLR articles can be a great tool for any small business owner, regardless of how busy or cash-strapped they may be. Priced lower than the cost of hiring a copywriter to write unique blog posts for you, PLR articles are the perfect solution for the small business owner. Used as part of an overall content marketing strategy, PLR articles can help you grow your business and visibility – but only if they’re well written. 

But first, what are PLR articles?

PLR articles (or Private Label Rights articles) are pre-written articles that are sold with a license enabling the buyer to use and edit them as if they were the original author of those articles. There are many different ways of purchasing PLR articles, but not all of them are as appealing as they first seem.

It’s quite common to see large packs of PLR articles sold for an unrealistically low price. Often, this looks appealing, as it means you’re getting over 100 articles in a pack, for a price that equates to anything from a couple of pounds, right down to a few pence per article. However, this type of pack is often old content gathered from around the internet – meaning you’re paying for content that’s already been marketed to death. 

Another problem with a large job lot of PLR articles is you often find yourself with generic articles that just don’t appeal to your target audience. There are often articles around dating, dieting, healthy eating and even gambling bundled in this type of pack – effectively padding it out with useless content you’ll never use. Added to this the fact that these packs are never limited, you’ll struggle to find anything useful in them – and if you do, it’s already out there on hundreds or thousands of different websites.

So, how do PLR articles help me?

If you want PLR articles that genuinely help you and your business, you need to find quality packs that are targeted for your niche. Often, these packs have limited licenses and contain fewer articles, when compared to the generic mass-produced and uncapped ones. This means you’ll pay more for them – but it’s still a lot cheaper than hiring a copywriter to write unique blogs for you. 

However, the big bonus here is that you’ll be getting content that you can use. It is both tailored for your audience and relevant keywords, with a limited supply of licenses – so they won’t be plastered all over the internet. They also won’t be old content, as most limited license packs are written, advertised and sold within a short period of time.

PLR articles get your blog started

So many Virtual Assistants and other small business owners, shy away from ever starting a blog. They worry about what to write, how to lay it out and why they should add it to their ever-expanding to-do list. After all, writing really isn’t their strong point. What happens if they don’t do the topic justice, and their ideal reader never even reads what they write, anyway?

If this is you, take a read of this recent blog post: Don’t Have a Blog on Your VA Site? Why You Need to Think Again! and see why it’s so important to get your blog started. It’s aimed at Virtual Assistants, but the content is relevant to all small business, regardless of niche.

The key point here is that all businesses can benefit from a blog – and PLR articles can help. They help you get past those fears and worries currently blocking you from moving your blog forward. And they actually help you to make a start on something you’ve probably been putting off for ages! [And, if you need help with blog layouts – opt-in for my free blogging guide!] 

Time isn’t always your friend

So many of us struggle to find the time we need to get everything done. When it comes to work-related marketing tasks, we can find it easy to get stuck in a comfortable rut of routine. Don’t get me wrong – routines can be great! However, if you’re currently only doing those marketing activities that you feel safe and confident doing, you’re not growing and expanding – and neither is your business.

But time isn’t always our friend in business, especially when you’re running your business and trying to do it all alone. There aren’t always enough hours in the day to get everything you need to get done, completed – let alone those things that aren’t quite so urgent. And blogging on a consistent basis tends to be seen as one of those less urgent jobs. 

 If you struggle to find time for blogging, PLR articles will save you time. You just need to give them a quick read through and tweak, and you’re good to go.   

Writing doesn’t come easy to everyone

Sometimes you just don’t know what to say or how to say it! One of the common reasons why business owners avoid blogging is they worry about their writing abilities. Whether it’s knowing what to say, worrying about their grammar, or stressing about the kind of reception their writing will receive. For many, the fear and need for approval can hold you back from writing anything at all.

As good quality PLR articles are already keyword targeted for your audience, there’s no need to worry about how they’ll be received. They’re written with your audience’s needs and problems in mind. They can also serve as a great way to kick-start your own creativity – especially if you take some time to tweak them to suit your voice and needs.

PLR articles can get you started down the road to consistency

We’ve all heard that blogging only works if you’re consistent. So many business owners use this as their reason for not ever starting a blog – they worry they can’t commit. How will it look, if they start a blog but can’t regularly commit to their writing schedule? Even worse, how bad will they feel, if they don’t stick to someone else’s writing schedule?

Yes, we’ve all seen articles that dictate how often we should blog. For some, monthly is often enough, whilst for others, producing a daily blog is an absolute essential. This type of article just leads you to fear ever starting a blog in the first place!

If you’re struggling to be consistent with your blog, PLR articles can help. You can use them to fill in gaps in your calendar or to free up time, so you can concentrate on other things. 

[Need help with blog post ideas for those other calendar gaps? Check out the VACTs Easy & Essential Blog Posts for Every New VA Business.]. If you want to write your own blog posts faster, check out my recent article on How to Write Blog Posts Faster (without compromising on quality!).]

PLR articles help you get visible

The blog posts you use, whether written yourself or purchased via a copywriter or PLR pack, are more than just articles – they’re the start of a new repurposing campaign. 

Visibility is key for any online business and blog posts are the starting point. They give you something to share and talk about online. You can share links to them on your different social media accounts. Once you have a live blog post, you can then use it to create snippets and quotes, shorter status updates and memes. You can even repurpose it as a video or podcast or use it to create a new opt-in freebie or eBook.

If you want to get visible online, PLR articles can give you that starting point you’re looking for.

In summary

PLR articles are a great tool for any small business. Regardless of whether you need help getting your blog started, staying consistent with it or getting visible. The biggest benefit of PLR articles is that they save you time and money. 

But as with anything, you need to opt for quality over quantity. It’s better to spend a little more to get more exclusive, niche-targeted PLR articles, as opposed to buying the cheaper generic packs available online. You’re then paying for articles you can confidently publish on your website – rather than poorly written ones that will just sit forgotten on your hard drive.

If you’re a Virtual Assistant who is looking for quality PLR articles for your site, I have your back! Check out my brand new 5-Article VA Done-For-You Article Pack. Limited to just 50 licenses, it’s designed to target long-tail keywords that cover your potential clients biggest concerns and worries – simply tweak them and you’re good to go!

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Ready To Put More Of YOU Back Into Your Business? Not Sure How Stories Can Help?

This FREE GUIDE will give you the 5 business stories you NEED to be sharing - & some simple implementation steps to help get you started using business storytelling in your written content.

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Ready To Put More Of YOU Back Into Your Business? Not Sure How Stories Can Help?

This FREE GUIDE will give you the 5 business stories you NEED to be sharing - & some simple implementation steps to help get you started using business storytelling in your written content.

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