Do Virtual Assistants need to have a blog on their own site? It’s a question that’s asked A LOT. For many VAs, it’s seen as an unnecessary waste of their time. Not only do you have to set a blog up on your VA site, but there’s also the regular hassle of figuring out what to write about, followed by the work involved in actually writing a blog post.

For those just starting out, a blog is often seen as something that goes onto their ‘one day when I have enough clients’ wish list when their time isn’t being spent trying to get clients. For established VAs who have clients, blogging is seen as surplus to requirements, as they already have the clients they currently need! 

However, no matter what stage of business you’re in, the answer to this common question has to be a resounding yes, you do need a blog on your VA site!

Why VAs shy away from blogging for their own business

There are so many reasons why VAs question whether they need a blog on their VA site. As mentioned above,  Many want to only start a blog, on the proviso, it will definitely (and immediately) prove its worth. Others shy away from it because they don’t know what to write or how their clients will react to it. However, one of the biggest issues VAs have with blogging is the time it takes to create and maintain.

But as with any business endeavour, blogging will have its upsides and downsides. The key is looking at it for what it is – an essential part of your content marketing strategy. And as with any other marketing strategy you will use in business, it takes time to see results.

What do you want for your Virtual Assistant business?

Before you decide not to continue reading, as you don’t think you need a business blog on your VA site, let me ask you two simple questions. What do you want from your business, and what does your VA business future look like?

What does this have to do with blogging? Bear with me and all will become clear. But first, let’s explore a little further, those aspirations and dreams for your VA business. Are any of these on your business growth hit list?

  • Do you want more clients?
  • Are you looking to build a mailing list of your target audience?
  • Do you want more traffic to your website?
  • Would you like to see better rankings on Google and other search engines?
  • Do you want to be seen as an expert in your niche?
  • Would you like to guest on another person’s website or be interviewed on their podcast? 
  • Are you passionate about helping others?
  • Do you make it your mission to be of value to your clients?
  • Are you looking to explore additional revenue streams for your business – such as creating courses, ebooks, products etc?
  • Would you eventually like to stop trading your time for money?
  • Are you hoping to make a little extra money from affiliate and/or joint venture promotions?
  • Would you like to grow your own team of Associates?

These are all things a blog can help you with – just look at the benefits in this infographic! A blog isn’t just about creating keyword-friendly articles for the search engines. It’s about being of value. A blog is about showcasing your expertise and sharing your knowledge. It’s about making a difference and standing out in your own unique way. And it’s also a useful means of starting the journey into multiple streams of income for your VA business.

You see, blogging is a powerful marketing tool when it’s used correctly.

Is blogging still relevant for businesses in 2019?

Neil Patel addresses this question in this video. Blogging does work, but you have to put in the work. You have to promote it, use it to build relationships and use it as a starting point for your other marketing strategies:

Blogging isn’t a tool that can be effectively used in isolation, and neither should it be. It needs to be part of your overall business content marketing and social media strategy if you want to maximise your benefits from using it. 

Blogging is a marketing tool – that needs to be part of a bigger marketing strategy

In Neil Patel’s short video on his predictions for 2019 (yes, I have total respect for Neil Patel and everything he has to say!) he spoke about the changes with social media. There were multiple takeaways I gleaned from his video. Personal branding and authenticity are essential elements of business. Learning how to have honest conversations and building authentic relationships with your clients, is the way forward. And they’re all important focuses for growth if you want your business to succeed.

Having a blog on your VA site is the perfect way for you to do all of those things!

Your blog feed is the ideal way for you to build a personal brand. It gives your voice a platform to share your expertise and talk about things that matter to your intended audience. Your clients want help solving their biggest issues – they want a team member who’s both friendly and knowledgeable. Someone who knows their stuff and is more than happy to help them solve those issues. They want a team member they can trust and rely on – and a blog is the way they get to know that you’re that person.

If social media is growing, why do I need a blog?

However, Neil Patel also states in the above video that social media is growing. If that’s the case, why do you even need a blog on your site? The key part of that question is ‘on your site’. You see, social media is a fickle thing – a thing that isn’t yours. Social media sites close down, stop being popular and can throw a major strop with any changes. Facebook has been known to just close an ad account or worse still, take down your entire page, simply because someone’s reported you for something or another. You do not own any part of your social media profiles – and you are not in total control of them either.

The purpose of any written content you put out there is to grow your business and brand. Social media can help with that, but social media is designed for the here and now. Look at the facts stated in this infographic! Look at Twitter – you tweet and it’s hidden within eighteen minutes. Content on Facebook has a longer life (5 hours) – but blogging have a lifespan of two years! Blogging is designed to work both in the present and to lay the foundations for a good future.

Written content still matters – and that includes blogs

According to Zazzle Media’s The State of Content Marketing Survey 2019, as well as the 58 Amazing Blogging Statistics for 2019 from SEO Tribunal, written content is going to account for 77% of business focus for this year – and that includes blogging. Additionally, 47% of those who took part, stated that content marketing was very effective in their business – especially as it increased visits to their website, general SEO rankings and subscriber growth.

The blogs on your VA website keep your website relevant to your ideal clients. Your website is your prime real estate – and is the only real estate you own. Not only that, your website and blog serve as your online business card, brochure, salesperson and shop front. It’s therefore critical, that you look after it and use it to the best of its abilities.

By focusing on writing content that will benefit your clients, you’re not only making it a valuable resource for your website, you’re also making it a valuable one for your clients, too. When you focus on providing content that is relevant for them, you’re taking away the issue of not knowing what to write about. You know your ideal client and you know what their biggest issues and problems are – write to help solve those things.

Repurposing and marketing are both blog essentials

But with more and more social media platforms encouraging people to stay on them for longer, your social media profiles will need more content. If people are going to spend more time on the different platforms, you need to ensure you’re being seen on there, are being seen as someone who has something interesting and/or useful to say – and are sharing content that is of value to your audience.

Blogging plays a key role in your overall marketing strategy. It can be used as an educational tool for those new to your niche, it’s also great for building awareness and answering questions, and it’s perfect for driving potential leads into your sales funnels. 

But more than that, it also gives you content that can be repurposed across the different social media platforms. Each blog post has the potential to be turned into at least a dozen new marketing items for your business – including videos, graphics, status updates and even new blog posts and articles. This makes the time spent writing each an every blog post, actually a time saver for your marketing content strategy, as you don’t have to keep worrying about what to post and what to share!

However, a blog post is only relevant to your business, if you market it well. As mentioned above, it can be easily repurposed into multiple different marketing items. But it also needs to be marketed on its own merits too. If you want each blog post you write to be useful – you need to share it with your intended audience! This includes sharing the original post on social media sites, emailing it out to your mailing list and promoting it in groups and forums.

Blogging is about future-proofing your business

Having a blog on your VA site gives you a means to future proof your business. It can be used to help grow your own email list of potential clients and people interested in what you have to say. If you want to increase your revenue streams with the aid of online courses and events, that mailing list will enable you to have a potential list of customers, ready and willing to buy from you. 

As a new VA, you want clients – a blog showcases who you are, what you can do and why someone should work with you. It serves as your online portfolio of knowledge, expertise and more importantly, it enables you to show who you are and why someone should work with you.

As an experienced VA, you may already have enough clients today. But what about tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Promoting your business and raising your profile aren’t things you should only be doing when you need clients. That mentality just makes it an uphill struggle for you – when you could be using your blog to lay the groundwork on a consistent basis, now. 

Having a blog on your VA site is something that takes time and dedication. But it’s also something that has a whole host of rewards, too. It isn’t meant to be something that gets you instant wins, nor is it something that always easy – but it is something that is totally worth it, for each and every Virtual Assistant out there.

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Ready To Put More Of YOU Back Into Your Business? Not Sure How Stories Can Help?

This FREE GUIDE will give you the 5 business stories you NEED to be sharing - & some simple implementation steps to help get you started using business storytelling in your written content.

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Ready To Put More Of YOU Back Into Your Business? Not Sure How Stories Can Help?

This FREE GUIDE will give you the 5 business stories you NEED to be sharing - & some simple implementation steps to help get you started using business storytelling in your written content.

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