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25 simple ways to show your personality on social media

August 09, 20224 min read

Do you know how to show your personality on social media? It’s essential to grow your fanbase, whether you’re looking to make personal friends or gain business followers. Because no matter the reason you’re on social media, they were all created to be social places. Each is the perfect space to make friends, connect over shared interests and hang around with people who inspire you, make you laugh and generally have a good time. 

But how does that work in a business setting?

Business owners have personalities too!

It starts when you realise your business is an extension of you. As a business owner, you still need to showcase your personality because people want to know, like and trust the person they’re buying from.

More emphasis is being put on spending your time and money on those businesses that share the same values, ethics and beliefs you have. People want to align themselves with the causes they hold dear, so you need to share more about who you are and what you’re about.

No matter the reasons behind wanting to make friends online, you need to show your personality, who you are and why you’re a good person to know. 

25 simple ways to show your personality on social media

So whether you’re looking to show your personality on social media for business or personal reasons, here are some simple ideas to get you started.

  1. Use your own photos wherever possible - limit the use of stock images. If you’re not a tidy person, sharing a picture of a gorgeous desk and pretending it’s yours isn’t going to showcase who you really are!

  2. Take photos of things that catch your eye - especially when you’re out and about.

  3. Show up in your photos - get used to putting your face in front of the camera. If you’re shy, start with part of you (like a side profile, your hands or feet etc.). 

  4. Share GIFs and memes - things you find funny.

  5. Make use of emojis - sprinkle them throughout your text.

  6. Post a photo of what you’re reading - inspiring non-fiction, entertaining fiction, share it all.

  7. Go behind the scenes - what you’re working on, where you work, your home.

  8. Go live or post videos - people connect with people, so let them see you!

  9. Share your stories on social media - big or small, lighthearted or informative.

  10. Talk about your struggles and your wins - show all sides of your personality.

  11. Share the things you love - from your pet to your shoes!

  12. Talk about what you’re watching - you never know who else is just waiting to chat about that specific program or film!

  13. Share other people’s content - showcase content you find interesting or inspiring.

  14. Document your day - you could do a day-in-a-life story or create a montage of photos.

  15. Showcase your mannerisms and preferences - do you love having a different mug for each day of the week? Maybe you have a shoe collection? Show these things off.

  16. Share funny or embarrassing things that have happened - something you said, saw or did; share the fun!

  17. Talk about your thoughts and feelings - your business or personal goal, your thoughts around a specific topic, how you feel about an upcoming event etc.

  18. Shout out to the people you admire and follow - show who you look up to and who inspires you.

  19. Share your favourites - whether it’s a quote, TV show or a flower, share what you like (and dislike!)

  20. Showcase who you are and what you stand for - share what you love and dislike.

  21. Talk about your involvement in the local community - the businesses you buy from, the charities you support and if you donate your time or money to local causes.

  22. Use your own words and phrases - talk and write in your own voice; if it’s something you do, use words like ‘biz’ instead of business, ‘cos’ instead of because and opt for all the ‘wanna’, ‘coulda’ and ‘shoulda’s’ you want! 

  23. Talk about what you do - at work and home.

  24. Have a branding board - this doesn’t mean you need to have a designed feed or go all colour coordinated with your content, but be mindful of the colours and fonts you are using on any created pieces of content.

  25. Take the time to comment on other people’s posts - you’re online to be social, so let that part of your personality shine through.

If you’re wondering how to show your personality on social media, use the ideas above to get you started. And if you’re a business owner looking for help uncovering interesting stories you can talk about from your life and/or business, I’ve got something that will help. Check out my free guide, ‘The 5 Business Stories You Need To Share To Put More Of YOU Into Your Business’. Click here to check it out and get a copy for yourself.

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