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15 Ways to create an impact with your business

February 18, 20223 min read

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others in your own little way? It's often one of the key reasons why we go into business for ourselves - we want to create an impact in our own lives and those of our clients. This is especially true for service-based businesses and those entrepreneurs who are more heart-centred.

It’s often one of the driving forces behind our desire for business growth. But it’s also far too easy to let that desire hold you back. You end up doubting whether you’re in a position to affect any kind of impact on others, especially if you’re only just starting out or aren’t where you want to be financially.

Want to create an impact? Make the decision

But you need to know that impact is something you can create any time you like. You don't need to wait until you're established or earning  6 or 7-figures before you get started. It starts when you make the decision.

Take a donation to charity as an example. It’s something I know I’ve wanted to implement in my business for a while. Ask any charity, and they’ll tell you - any amount you can donate will make a difference. But we often put off starting it or setting up that initial payment because we fear it’s not big enough, we’re not able to create as significant an impact as we want.

Remember the ripple effect

But look at what happens when you skim a stone over the surface of a pond or river. It doesn’t have to be a big stone to create a large ripple. The combined effect of those smaller ripples gaining momentum makes the larger ripples across the surface.

And it’s the same with the impact you want to create. You don’t need to be a big influencer, and you don’t need to be doing something massive to create a difference for someone. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference.

15 ways you can create an impact right now

So if you’re looking for some simple ways to create impact, no matter where you currently are, here's what you CAN do now to make a difference:

⭐ Offer an initial low or free consultation

⭐ Create free content (blogs, social media content, podcasts) that inspires and educates

⭐ Share how you're being in your life - be the example

⭐ Offer 1-2 scholarship places every launch you run

⭐ Donate to a charity that's close to your heart

⭐ Help promote that charity or raise awareness for it

⭐ Work only with your ideal clients

⭐ Don't step over your own boundaries

⭐ Don't let others step over your boundaries

⭐ Talk about what you do

⭐ Talk about why you do it

⭐ Be real - share your struggles and your successes

⭐ Reach out to others because you can

⭐ Form connections and friendships

⭐ Support, uplift and motivate others

So why not look to work through all of the above? Some may be quite obvious impact creators, whilst others are more a lead by example kind of thing. But know that they will all positively impact your life and the lives of those around you - whether that’s your family and friends or your clients.

And if you need a little help getting clear on how to talk about what you do and why you do it, check out my latest free download. It will give you some storytelling advice to help make that easier for you. You can also opt-in for it, via the big 'Send Me The Guide' button below!

PS - If there is anything else you'd add to this list, do let me know in the comments! I’ll then look to update this blog post and add them as more suggestions come in.

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