Helping you put heart and soul back into your content & your business.


You already have an inner passion for your business. You love what you do, you're proud of your achievements so far. You're also pretty clear on who you work with & know how great you are at helping transform them in some way...

The problem is you're not always brave or confident enough to share that greatness with the world or to create a business that's aligned with who you are.

You struggle to know what to talk about, you don't always know what makes you brilliant & different, & you're not sure what stories are 'right' to share with the online world. You know you need to create meaningful content, you want to share your story & your client success stories - but you just can't commit to putting it into words.

It brings up all the fears for you - fears about looking salesy & sounding too boastful, fears around being boring & turning off potential clients, as well as those fears around your writing abilities & the how-tos of online marketing.

And when it comes to creating a business that's aligned to you - those fears about not being good enough & sounding boring or boastful are amplified. And that's before we start worrying about not following the 'rules' and sticking with all the traditional business-y ways you're 'supposed' to do in business!

But if you want your business to grow, you need to show up, be confident & brave enough to put more of YOU into your content & your business!

That's Where I Come In...

And that’s where I come in. I use my unique combination of Soul Story Sales® to help midlife, service-based female entrepreneurs just like you, to use story-based marketing to put their heart & soul back into their content. Why? So you can confidently attract your ideal clients & market yourself in an authentic & aligned way.

It’s why I created the Soul Story Sales® Program & the 3S Framework® – to help you speak from your heart, write with passion & connect with the right audience for you.

I’ve been where you are in business. My own business journey over the years & the 8+ years copywriting experience I have gained writing for others, have given me the skills & confidence I need, to help you with your content & your business. I know how to help you confidently write in a way that speaks from your soul & connects with your ideal audience, & how to confidently create & grow a business that's aligned to you, feels good & creates the levels of sucess you want to achieve!

Memberships & Associations...

As Seen In...

If you’re ready to receive the support, help & practical advice you need, to learn how to confidently own your uniqueness, effectively write & share yourself with your target audience, whilst building a successful business around your unique combination of puzzle pieces, you’ll find my programs, courses & products the solution for you!

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Ways To Work With Me

Soul Stories For Business®

1:1 VIP 5-Session


If you're tired of being stuck & are ready to bypass your excuses & get your business visible again, this 1:1 VIP experience is for you.

Over the course of 5 Zoom sessions, we'll go through the Soul Stories For Business® program to work on your messaging, confidence & content marketing.

You'll be ready to hit the ground running, with a wealth of things to talk about, a simple to follow marketing plan & a renewed passion for your business.

£900 (or 3 x £300)

Soul Story Sales®

1:1 Monthly Mentoring Packages

If you're a midlife, service-based female entrepreneur who's looking for ongoing 1:1 support to help create an authentic, heart-centred business that aligns with your values & beliefs, feels good & doesn't compromise your health or your values, I've got you covered!

These high-level 1:1 mentoring packages will give you the direct copywriting support, ongoing business advice & the know-how you need to use story-based content marketing in your business, build your confidence in your abilities, & create a business you love, so you can show up happier & more authentically, drop what doesn't work for you & embrace what does.


The Barely there Entrepreneur®

Monthly Membership

If you're a heart-centred female entrepreneur who's looking to create a business that feels good, is aligned to your values & beliefs, & helps you go from 'barely there' to aligned, confident & thriving, you're going to love this membership!

It's a supportive, collaborative community for those who want to use story-based marketing & strategies to create a business & lifestyle that feels good whilst helping you grow your confidence, create better content, build closer business friendships & ultimately, reach your goals & make more sales.


Get The Free Guide & Learn How Stories Will Put YOU Back Into Your Business Again!

This free guide will help you understand the key business stories you NEED to be sharing, to grow your visibility, form stronger connections with your ideal clients & easily get more confident & aligned with your written content.

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