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If you’re looking to meet with author Sarah PJ White, you can find out about her latest book signings, in-person workshops and speaking events, here.

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Speaking Events

As a female author Sarah has made it her mission to encourage as many women and girls into writing as she can. She believes no one with a story inside of them should miss the opportunity to get it onto paper, regardless of whether they want to publish it or keep it private. Far too many creatives are still being told that creative skills do not make for a ‘suitable’ or ‘sensible’ career and far too many are lacking the confidence and abilities to change that perception. As a published author and life coach, Sarah wants to change that, by speaking about creativity, writing, confidence, and the importance of story – for books and for our lives.

Timeline of Events

January 4

Graduated The VA Mastery Course

Graduated The VA Mastery Course

I did it – I’m an official VA! I loved studying with Amanda and the VACT and totally recommend her courses and as a mentor generally!

January 1

New Milestone – 1,000 client blogs written!

Just reached a new milestone with my writing business – 1,001 client blog posts now written! I’m so grateful for all of the small business owners who have had the faith in me to write blogs for them. It’s been an honour and I guess it’s a great indication of how good I am at writing in someone else’s voice!

April 30

Interview Article over on Younique Designs

In this interview I’m talking about workspace and creativity – and where they meet. Check it out here.

November 13

Podcast Interview over at Dream Corner

The lovely Viv Oyolu is interviewing me about my life and business, for her podcast Dream Corner. You can take a listen here.

September 25

My First Official Writing Client

Got started on my first client ghost-written blog post today – exciting times ahead!

March 27

The Last Angel Blog Tour

I’ve recently been taking part in the unofficial blog tour for my new release, The Last Angel. Here’s the interview I did with Ailsa Abraham over on The Bingerbread Cottage website.

January 31

I’m Being Interviewed on Marlow FM

My first ever radio interview. The lovely Alison Crook of Marlow FM is interviewing me during a one-hour slot to talk about my latest book, The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Bible.

January 30

First Fiction Book Release – The Last Angel

The Last Angel

The Last Angel: Book One in The Account Trilogy, was officially released!

  • Date: 30 January 2013
  • Where: Published on Amazon as a paperback, as well as kindle version. Also available through Barnes & Noble, Nook, Kobo and iBooks.
August 1

White Heart Publishing was created!

I decided to start my publishing journey by creating my own publishing label – White Heart Publishing!

April 30

Over 15,000 Downloads!

I can’t believe it -The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Bible has now been downloaded 15,314 times this month. I’m so glad I decided to give it away and help so many women to boost their confidence and esteem!