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The Last Angel - Sarah PJ White

Inspirational fiction & non-fiction author Sarah PJ White, writes books that both inspire & delight her readers. She also creates copy and content for busy female online business owners. Her books include The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Bible, The Little Book of Elder, and The Last Angel – the first in a trilogy of fantasy novel’s.

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The Last Angel by Sarah PJ White

After a chance encounter with a drunk man, Crystal looks for answers to who she is and why strange things keep happening to her since she turned twenty-one. She discovers a range of human full-bloods including Flyahs, Healahs & Angels – they’re not cute or necessarily friendly.

They’re also living amongst us – and she’s one of them.

‘God didn’t create the world; people like us did,’

The first novel in the Account Trilogy, The Last Angel is a fast-paced, metaphysical visionary fiction novel, that explores the link between faith and human capability. It crosses the lines between religious fantasy and paranormal fiction, giving you down-to-earth characters with out-of this world abilities.

A hot read for those who love suspense.

I loved reading this book and honestly couldn’t put it down. I started by reading the manuscript and had to buy the actual book. It is brilliantly written and has left me desperately wanting more. I am so eager to get my hot little hands on book 2; I’m constantly anticipating what will happen next. Please Sarah, put me out of my misery and publish Book 2. Thank you!


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Sarah PJ White

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