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Your Business is Unique, Because You Are!

So, If You Want to Stand Out & Thrive in Business – You Need to Be Brave & Put MORE of You Into it…

Running a successful business takes more than just learning business strategies & processes – it’s also about learning personal development & mindset techniques to help you learn how to be brave around being you, too. As a small business owner, your business is an integral part of your life, so you want to love what you do, learn how to do it well & be proud of your achievements. But you also want to put you at the heart of it – and that means getting clear on your own unique story, whilst also being brave & confident enough to share that story (& yourself) with the world.

If you’re ready to get support, help & practical advice on how to confidently own your uniqueness, effectively write & share yourself with your target audience, & build a successful business around your unique combination of puzzle pieces – you’re in the right place! You’ll find links below to the different resources available, designed to suit all budgets.

done-for-you Writing Services

Are you a busy female online business owner, who’s looking to invest in Done-For-You solutions? Explore how my tailored services can help you improve your online presence, save you time (& sanity!) whilst also building a better relationship with your clients.

Free Tips & Advice articles

If you’re after useful tips & advice on how you can improve your online presence, write from the heart & generally put more ‘you’ into your business – you’re in the right place! You’ll find a wealth of easy-to-follow information, help & in-depth articles over in the blog.

Books, Courses & Resources

Want help with implementing your online plans & dreams? Here’s the tools, resources & online support available to you, to ensure you get your online business up, running & looking how you want it to look – whilst keeping your sanity & integrity!

You Can Do It!

Many female entrepreneurs never get to see their business dreams come to life – through a lack of confidence, a fear around being visible or self-doubt over their abilities. This is especially rife for those who have several talents or strings to their bow, as well as those who are more creative based. We’re bought up to believe we can only pick one ‘suitable’ career path or we have to be ‘sensible’ over our dreams of being our own boss. I believe we can all be creative & entrepreneurial – we just need the right support to bring it to fruition.


Hi I’m Sarah!

As a creative, I have many strings to my bow – and that’s a good thing, due to the type of work that I do! It’s taken me a long time, and several business mentors & coaches, to embrace my uniqueness, especially as a multitalented creative who has lots of different talents & skillsets. There’s been a lot of U turns, side steps & giant leaps of faith needed to get where I am – but boy, has it been interesting! My only constant has been a burning desire to somehow knit together my talent for writing & coaching, with helping other business owners find their truths, core stories & confidence, so they can trust themselves enough to authentically be themselves in business.

Can you relate? Does your journey feel like a forage into the unknown? Do you find it difficult to express yourself fully in your business and on the different online platforms? Do you have an unwavering desire to have your own business, but aren’t sure how you’ll get there? Maybe you feel you’re lacking in knowledge, experience or confidence, to make it happen?

I’d like to give you access to the support, resources, know-how & training you need, to help make it your reality.  As a fiction and non-fiction author, qualified therapist, life coach, Virtual Assistant & business owner myself (I told you I have many strings to my bow 😉), I can help you get clear on your story, become confident in your abilities & get yourself visible & in front of your ideal audience.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah within different areas of my business. She’s previously helped create, curate and schedule some elements of my social media campaigns, as well as providing written content, when needed. Sarah has a great insight into what will grow your Facebook reach and she knows how to word it in a way that will capture the attention of your target audience.

Lucy Hogg  Healer & Medium
Lucy Hogg

Sarah is an outstanding marketer. I had the pleasure of working with her on my own social media. Within a few days of Sarah’s Facebook management, my insights soared. What really amazed me, though, was how well she caught my voice in the quotes and captions she used. Her graphics were spot on to my brand. Sarah would be a true asset to any company looking for help with social media marketing.

Kasey Pierce  Kasey Pierce
Kasey Pierce

ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!!…We’ve had a lot of compliments on [our lead magnet] so again thank you very much for your genius writing!

E.K.  Ghost Writing Client - name withheld

A BIG THANK YOU for your continued fabulous work. I spoke with [client] last week and they said they are so impressed with the ideas you’ve come up with. I think they’re stunned (me too) that a year in there’s something still to say! You’re amazing. Please don’t ever stop!!

Samantha Pilling  Bite Me Marketing
Samantha Pilling

Sarah helped me to set up my new project management blog and has been fantastic in suggesting topics and taking my ideas and turning them into professional content. Sarah is quick and efficient and takes all the hassle out of maintaining the blog. I have received many compliments on the writing style and the quality of presentation and this is all down to Sarah. I thoroughly recommend her writing service.

Teresa  Project Manager

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