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If you want to be more confident & authentic with your business content, form better connections with your ideal clients & ultimately, make more sales - you'll love this FREE business storytelling guide!

You'll learn the 5 core business stories you NEED to be sharing [& some simple implementation tips!] to help introduce you to story-based marketing, learn how to grow your visibility, have loads to talk about & easily write aligned, authentic content that puts YOU back into your business content.

If You Want To Stand Out In Business, You Need To Be Brave & Put More Of You Into It.

Hi, I'm Sarah, Business Storytelling & Heart-Centred Content Consultant, & I use my unique combination of Soul Story Sales® to help service-based female entrepreneurs use story-based, authentic marketing to put their heart & soul back into their content, so they can confidently attract their ideal clients & market themselves in an aligned way.

As a small business owner, your business is an integral part of your life. You want to love what you do, learn how to do it well & be proud of your business achievements. But you also need to put YOU at the heart of your business – & that means getting clear on the different stories you can share. Those stories from your personal & professional lives are GOLD for your business branding as well as boosting your confidence, increasing your visibility & building better relationships (& sales!) with your ideal clients.

My focus is to give you the support, help & practical advice you need to learn how to confidently own your uniqueness, share those amazing stories & effectively market yourself in a way that feels good AND grows your business to the levels of success you want.

Ways To Work With Me

Soul Stories For Business® 1:1 VIP Virtual Retreat Program

If you're tired of being stuck & are ready to bypass your excuses & get your business visible again, this 1:1 VIP experience is for you.

Over the course of 5 Zoom sessions, we'll go through the Soul Stories For Business® program to work on your messaging, confidence & content marketing. You'll be ready to hit the ground running, with a wealth of things to talk about, a simple to follow marketing plan & a renewed passion for your business.

£900 (or 3 x £300)

Soul Stories For Business® Self Study Program

Can't quite stretch your budget to get 1:1 help with your business storytelling? I've got you covered! This self-study version of my flagship program is perfect if you're confident working on your own.

It covers the same core elements but, to make it more affordable, the 1:1 help has been removed. You go through the workbook & resources at your own pace, to establish
your stories, work on messaging, confidence & content marketing.


Soul Story Sales ® Monthly Membership

If you're a heart-centred female entrepreneur who's looking to create authentic content & genuine connections online, but need a little help & support, you're not alone.

That's what this Membership has been designed for! It's a supportive, collaborative community for those who want the know-how, advice & ongoing support, to use story-based marketing to confidently create content that comes from the heart & speaks to your ideal clients.


What My Clients Say

"Before taking Sarah’s Soul Stories For Business® retreat I found it very hard to get my ideas & what I wanted to write about onto paper. Sarah helped cut through all the doubt, helping me take my life experiences & giving me back over 50 stories that I could use & the confidence to use them. It felt like having a friendly chat.

I would thoroughly recommend Sarah to others, especially if they are stuck on what to write about & how to put more of themselves into their business marketing & connect with their ideal audience in a way that works & feels right for them. That for me what the most important part."
— Sarah Beckwith, Breakthrough & Shine

I was hesitant & unsure of how to express & promote myself on a bigger stage & needed help with planning & getting me ‘unstuck’.

Sarah helped me uncover stories I didn’t even think were stories, but she showed me how they were relevant to my business journey.

She has a way of weaving words that makes your life experiences sound like something you want to hear more about. I’m really looking forward to sharing my stories now & I’m sure this will further help increase my visibility online & ultimately grow my business.

— Rachel Louise John, Soul BEing

…Your stories are the most powerful way that you can communicate with your clients & prospective clients, & Sarah knows exactly how you can use them to get real engagement time & again…

I highly recommend working with Sarah so that you have authentic, heart-centred stories & a structure to use them that will help you & your business grow.”

— Yvette Lamidey, The Business Locksmith

Meet Business Storytelling Consultant Sarah PJ White

There’s a two-‘person’ tag team behind Sarah PJ White – it comprises Director & heart-centred content creator [Sarah] & a four-legged, occasional office sidekick [Danny] who enjoys sleeping & running off with anything he can pinch whilst your back is turned.

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